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Places To Visit In Puerto Rico

Best Places to Get Married In Puerto Rico

Bride & Groom Married Couple at Beach Wedding
April 13th, 2014

There are so many places where you can get married in Puerto Rico, and part of the reason for that is Puerto Rico itself. In fact, you can actually find a lot of folks who will say that Puerto Rico is a great place to get married overall.

But if you are seriously looking for a specific location in Puerto Rico, then the below list will probably contain the best options for you. These are all resorts, and there’s a very good reason for that. They have the experience you need to make sure that everything goes smoothly, from the legal requirements to the wedding and reception festivities. By using these resorts as your locations, you can also take advantage of their planning expertise so that you’ll have the wedding of a lifetime.

  1. Casa España, San Juan. Built in 1932, the Spanish and Moorish architecture is truly authentic and captivating. It will feel like your wedding has been transported to a bygone era full of romance. This is one of the popular wedding venues for the rich and famous in Puerto Rico.

  3. El Gran Meliá Puerto Rico, Rio Grande. Located in the northeastern coast in Coco Beach, the place is stunning and elegant. But it’s more than just beauty you’ll be getting here. The planning service of the resort is exemplary, yet the cost is actually more affordable than many other places.

  5. San Juan Marriott Resort. You need to make a tough choice here: do you want to get married on the beautiful sandy shores, or do you want to hold the event in one of the elegantly decorated ballrooms? Either way, your wish is their command.

  7. Ritz-Carlton San Juan Hotel, Spa & Casino. With the elegant service and the unforgettable settings, those who seek style and refinement can go straight to the Ritz- Carlton for the nuptials. The atmosphere here is glamorous, and the wedding will feel truly romantic.

  9. El Conquistador Resort, Fajardo. For unimaginable heights of luxury and with the most awesome views, El Conquistador will surely conquer all others when it comes to a classy wedding.

  11. Rincón of the Seas, Grand Caribbean Hotel. For a quiet yet romantic wedding, the location of the Rincón of the Seas is awe-inspiring. This is one of the most beautiful wedding locations in Puerto Rico, especially if you love stunning beaches and spectacular sunsets. It’s a bit hidden and far from the cities, but the creature comforts you expect from a grand hotel are all here.

  13. La Catedral de San Juan and Hotel El Convento, Old San Juan. The Cathedral and the hotel are right across from one another, so you can do what so many people have done before: Get married in La Catedral de San Juan (the 2nd oldest cathedral in the New World) and then have your reception at one of the striking reception rooms at Hotel El Convento. They’re both located right in the middle of the Old San Juan.

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